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Work Experience at QCRI (Research Associate 2012)

I worked as a Research Associate at QCRI in 2012 for three months. During my tenure at QCRI, I was mainly involved in the following research aspects:

Real-Time Social Media Analysis: This work was focused on the life span prediction of an article that is posted on a news website. Our analysis is based on the dataset taken from the Aljazeera news website. The life span of an article can be determined by examining various factors associated with an article such as article’s topic, language used, author reputation, famous named entities as well as social media exposure with it. Social media exposure tells how social media such as twitter, Facebook, Google Plus perceive that article.

In this work we mainly focused on the social media aspects to predict the life span of an article. An article’s visit to its base website (i.e., the website where the article is originally posted), Facebook shares and tweets are the three major indicators used in this work. The work involved checking the visits pattern of an article over a particular time period and for the articles that are considered to be the important ones are examined from their social media side.

The work is still in progress, as soon as it gets completed, we will publish the results.

Information Extraction from Tweets: In this work we focused on the information extraction from the disaster-related tweets. During disaster people tend to post various kinds of information that they experience personally, or heard from others to the twitter platform. This information can be very helpful if used properly and timely. However the challenge is, first of all, to extract the right information which worth and can be helpful. For example, the information about what type of incident happened?, where it happened?, when it happened?, how many died?, who needs help? And what kind of help? are the kind of questions that we tried to get answers from the tweets.

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