Imran Short bio: Dr. Imran is a Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI). Currently, he is interested in understanding the role of microblogging platforms such as Twitter during mass convergence events by using big data analysis techniques such as text classification, data mining, machine learning, and deep neural networks. Moreover, he is also interested in developing novel computational techniques and technologies that can help stakeholders gain situation awareness and actionable information to improve decision-making processes during time-critical events.

Dr. Imran has published over 35 research papers in top-tier international conferences and journals. Among them two of his papers have received “Best Paper Award”. He is a co-chair of the Social Media Studies track at the ISCRAM international conference and served as PC of many major conferences. Dr. Imran has worked as a PostDoctoral researcher at QCRI (2013-2015). He received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Trento (2013), where he also used to co-teach courses on Web Services and Web Engineering (2009-2012).

Dr. Imran holds a Master of Science in Computer Science degree with a distinction (1st position) from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (Islamabad campus, 2007). He is also an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP). He obtained the OCP certification in 2004 from the Oracle Corporation, California, USA.

For more information, check his detailed curriculum vitae (Updated April 2016).

Public profiles: Google Scholar | ResearchGate | LinkedIn

Latest news:

[May 2016] - Best Paper Award
Our paper titled Cross-Language Domain Adaptation for Classifying Crisis-Related Short Messages. awarded the Best Paper Award at the 13th the International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM), 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

[April, 2015] - Journal paper accepted @ ACM Computing Surveys
Our journal paper Processing Social Media Messages in Mass Emergency: A Survey. Accepted for publication at the ACM Computing Surveys journal.

[September, 2014] - Paper accepted @ SocInfo'14
Our paper Integrating Social Media Communications into the Rapid Assessment of Sudden Onset Disasters. has been accepted for publication at SocInfo conference.

[April, 2014] - Paper accepted @ SocialCom-Standford'14
Our paper "Understanding Types of Users on Twitter" has been accepted for publication at SocialCom-Stanford-2014 conference, California, USA.

[Jan, 2014] - Paper accepted @ WWW'14
Our paper "AIDR: Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response" has been accepted for publication at WWW-2014 conference, Seoul, Korea.

[Jan, 2014] - Paper accepted @ ISCRAM'14
"Coordinating Human and Machine Intelligence to Classify Microblog Communications in Crises" . Accepted for publication at the 11th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, Pennsylvania, USA.

[Nov, 2013] - AIDR platform launched @ ICCM'13
I feel proud to announce that our team at QCRI has successfully launched AIDR (Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response)platform at the ICCM-2013conference. AIDR is a free, open-source, and easy-to-use platform to filter and classify relevant microblog messages during humanitarian crises. AIDR uses human intelligence and machine intelligence to collect and automatically tag up to thousands of messages per minute... more

[May, 2013] - Best Paper Award @ ISCRAM'13
We were delighted to be awarded the best paper award for our paper Extracting Information Nuggets from Disaster-Related Messages in Social Media. This described our recent work submitted to ISCRAM2013 where we explored the role of microblogging websites during emergencies... more

[July, 2013] - Paper accepted @ JCDL (WOSP)'13
Our paper A Real-time Heuristic-based Unsupervised Method for Name Disambiguation in Digital Libraries has been accepted for publication at JCDL (WOSP).